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For the Elderly

Two Hours Old

A good reason to raise Haflingers, but there are lots of other reasons to have a Haflinger of your own.  Do you love horses, but you are now too old, too creaky, or have lost your nerve for riding? There's another way.....

You Can Drive a Haflinger! 

For the Elderly

About Haflingers

And of course Haflingers are great for riding, too!  See the American Haflinger Registry website and Haflinger Hope for lots of information about Haflingers.  They are very versatile horses, and have performed well as jumpers, at dressage, in the show ring both Western and English, on the farm as small work horses, as trail riding horses, even as pack horses and baby-sitters.  But above all it is their personality -- and their gleaming golden coats--that distinguishes the Haflinger.  Typically Haflingers are calm, sensible, friendly, smart, and curious, making them wonderful for children.  Some have more fire than others, and some lean toward the draft horse, while others are lighter sport horses, so it is important to pick a horse with those differences in mind.

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