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Gelding, Born 4/22/2009;  57 inches (and growing)



Aztec is one truly sweet guy, with looks that have gotten him ooohs and aaahs since he was a baby.

Aztec RE is an Aristocrat grandson through his sire, Aragon MFHVA, the high selling stallion at the 2008 American Haflinger Registry Spring Sale.

He is a Michel of NTF great grandson through his dam, Molly RHRR.  You can see her by clicking here.



Aztec is fulfilling his early promise of sanity without being the least bit boring. He is bright and curious.  He has loved people since birth, spent a little while seeing what he could get away with, and then settled into being pretty much sweetness and light--a really lovely temperament. 











Aztec has returned from training with Wilmer Slabaugh, the Amish trainer who has done a marvelous job with our previous youngsters, and I have been driving him since the weather warmed up.  He is well started for riding, and a good bit beyond that for driving.  He has been worked double and single, and has had a little experience with traffic.   He is a pleasure to work with, consistent, learns easily and remembers well.  Aztec is headed for bomb-proof, although he is a bit too young to be quite there. 















Since I don't ride, I've included these pictures of Aztec and the trainer's son.  As you can see from comparing these pictures under saddle at the trainer's with the more recent driving pictures, he has filled out considerably this spring!  His trainer says he is a great ambassador for the breed,  a horse with real potential.  My take on it is he is ready for work way beyond what I know how to do.  Aztec will be a really great horse, serious show potential--I just don't have the ability to get him there.    It's time for someone else to take over!

And I should mention, it appears one of his potentials is jumping.  Maybe a year ago the horses got in our yard.  Dave kind of shooed them out--and everybody went out the gate except Aztec.  He decided he preferred to fly over the rail fence, from pretty much a standing start.  He knocked down the third rail, which luckily was loose, but cleared with ease the second rail, a height of 29 inches.  You can see the rail fence if you click on "Our Mares."  He went over the section farthest to the right.


Aztec has what his trainer describes as a nice, fluid trot.  And when he is loose in the pasture, with the horses excited over something, he has one beautiful floating trot--although I've not yet been able to get him to do it in harness.  At a flat walk he has an 8 to 10 inch overreach.








He ties, trailers,  more or less copes with fly spray and baths, and is  decent about picking up his feet.  And his feet, by the way, are excellent.  He had about a month of gravel and paved road work during training, all barefoot without the least problem.


He's ready to be someone's wonderful friend:


Thinking about it...


...and then, the real thing!




Archives: Pictures and text from earlier in Aztec's life 


Febuary 2011




The pictures below were taken at 15 months.



As you can see, he has a noticeably dished face and a nice blaze.




This one below isn't the greatest picture, but you can at least see his mane, which is quite heavy.

Aztec at 4 months old


Aztec is proving to be quite the guy.  He's lively, but sane.  When I first tied him, at three weeks, he did a little testing and complaining, but then you could almost see him shrug his shoulders and settle down. As he gets older he continues to be sane, but is also getting to be quite a handful. He's bright and a bit full of himself!  He halters easily, picks up his feet, more or less leads, and adores people.  He frequently leaves his mother when I show up and comes running to greet me--and he can really run, flying lead changes and all. 





 Aztec at 19 days old

His dished face shows more clearly in this picture than in the one above


The two pictures below were taken at 4 days old



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