Road's End Haflingers

Why Drive?

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The View from Behind a Haflinger

Elderly horse lovers of the world, unite: Drive a Horse!  (preferably a Haflinger)

You loved horses as a kid, maybe you rode when you were younger, but you haven't ridden in years, and now you are too heavy, too creaky, scared of falling, and can't even imagine getting yourself into a saddle...

But you miss horses, your kids are gone, and you've got time to indulge yourself.  You can!  Do like I have done, and drive--the picture is Quetzal and me on a lovely Sunday trot.

Driving is much safer, and much less scary...mild misbehavior that used to scare me when I was riding doesn't bother me when I'm behind the horse instead of on top.  And a mere step up puts you in the cart, nothing like climbing into a saddle.  You do need an easy-entry cart, though--I use a Pioneer forecart for pleasure driving and hauling. The only real drawback: harnessing up is more work than saddling up, and you generally can't take a cart on riding trails.

I had thought driving would mean less sense of connection with the horse, and I have been so pleased to find a different kind of connection, perhaps because you can see instead of feel what the horse is doing and thinking.