Moonlight Sonata RE

    A lovely, spunky filly, ready to train this spring

Sold  (in Texas)

 Born May 3, 2012; picture taken at 18 months


Pictures above taken January 2014 at 20 months



Moonlight Sonata, Sana for short, is an M.T. Marvellon ROA daughter,

and through him a M.T. Mersant NTF granddaughter and a great granddaughter of Midas Touch NTF. 

There are  pictures of M.T. Marvellon at 

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Sana is a Michel of NTF great granddaughter through her dam, Molly RHRR.  You can see Molly by clicking on the button below.  There is a baby picture of Sana with Molly there too.


The pictures below are at 18 months



It looks like Sana may have inherited her father's great movement.  She is a joy to watch cavorting in the pasture--we frequently see her floating at a trot  And she shows much the promise that Molly's earlier foals by two different sires have shown.  You can see them as three year olds by clicking here

 Aztec  Narnian

Sana continues to be a pleasure to work with, although not a pushover.  I think she plans on taking over the herd as boss mare --she can be a bit of a pest.

Sana leads, ties, picks up her feet.  She is fine with flyspray, actually a lot better than some of the older horses.  Flymasks are also OK.  I haven't bathed her, but I think she will be fine about it.  She loves getting sprayed with the hose on hot days.  I doubt that she will have a problem with going through mud and water--she wallows and swims in our muddy pond.  She loads in a trailer easily.  But she does have her own unique method of loading: she jumps her front feet in, then her back step by step for her!  Or maybe she intends to be a jumper?        

Sana is totally friendly, and extremely curious. Her nose will be in whatever you are trying to do around the barn; she checks out everything left around, and will drag off whatever she can get her mouth around:  Be warned!

We are planning to sell Sana at this point, rather than wait until she is trained, because we have ended up with too many Haflingers (people warned me that Haflingers are like potato chips--you can't have just one--they were right!).  We'd like to keep her until she is trained, and sell her next fall.  We'd like that, but our pasture wouldn't! 


Below are some earlier pictures, and my  comments about Sana at the time.


Moonlight Sonata

at 9 months 

Below you see her at 5 months, in much warmer weather!

Sana went through a phase of decidedly challenging me, but as you can see by these next pictures, a bit of discipline has worked wonders.  She is now quite the well-behaved sweetie.   Sana is responsive and learns easily.  She should be a joy to train! She is totally people-oriented. Sana and her yearling full sister Makia race to get to me first when I go to bring them in from pasture. (Makia is in the picture below, behind the gate to keep her from being a friendly pest demanding to be groomed along with Sana.)



 I didn't even need to tie her to use the scissors behind Sana's ears. 


Sana is growing fast, as you can see comparing the picture at the top of the page at 9 months with these 5  month pictures, and with the pictures below of her leading at 5 and 9 months. She is big boned and muscular, and is already catching up to her mother.













Sana has one of those incredible huge double Haflinger manes; I'm working on braiding it over, hoping to train it to stay on the right. Below is a 9 month close up.


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