Narnian RE

Sold  (in Minnesota)

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Three Year Old Gelding, $2200

Born 1/17/08

 56 inches

Narnian RE is a Neumeister grandson through his sire and a Michel of NTF great grandson through his dam, Molly.  He is well started for riding and for driving double and single.






The driving photos above were taken 5/30/10.  The riding bareback pictures were taken in November 2010.  As you can see, Narnian is getting a much deeper chestnut coat.  Photo below was taken 5/19/09.



Narnian is extremely people-oriented, almost ridiculously friendly, despite having started off pretty shy of people as a new foal. He is calm, kind, good-natured and sane.  I've been driving Narnian more since classes ended, and he is great!  I've been tempted to keep him...He has a marvelous long trot, is extremely responsive despite being a beginner, feels like his brain is in gear, and doesn't freak at unexpected events.  For instance, in the last of the bareback pictures, you see his quite calm response to having three deer suddenly run across the field in front of him--he stopped, head went up, and then he quietly moved on.  He desensitizes easily.  He will make someone a solid, dependable, interesting horse.  He is well on his way to being child-safe and bombproof, and right now would be fine for someone with only a little riding or driving experience.  The bareback riding pictures above show my daughter on a horse for the first time in about 12 years, and Narnian being ridden for the first time since he came back from being trained, and this first time ever being ridden bareback (we don't have a saddle that would fit him!)  Both my daughter and Narnian did fine; she felt he was an excellent horse for getting her back to riding, and he seemed to think bareback was no big deal. 

One last update, March 2011:  We decided to send Narnian back for "traffic school" with Wil Slabaugh; he has now learned to deal with heavy traffic, including big trucks and semi's.  Wil says he is totally sane, pretty well bomb-proof, and a good willing guy.   



 Narnian originally returned February 13, 2010 from being trained to drive and ride by Wil Slabaugh of  Munfordville KY.    Wil describes his gaits as smooth, with a very nice extended trot, a solid steady road trot, and a well-organized canter.  He never 'came apart' during training, never bucked, and was generally a sweet guy.  He has a good mind and a laid-back, easy temperament.  Narnian is big boned and will be strong enough to carry  a substantial adult.  He learns easily--a real pleasure to work with. I usually don't bother to halter him, and lead him by grabbing a hunk of mane.  He is easy to bridle and harness, and almost dependable about standing to be hooked up to the cart.  He ties, bathes, puts up with fly spraying, stands for the farrier, cross-ties, and loads himself in the trailer, although he thinks a little bribery in his feed pan once he gets in is quite appropriate for such good behavior! 


We can be reached at 270-369-7886, evenings and weekends, or by email at

 Pem and David Buck, 799 Port Wooden Rd, Upton KY 42784


Summer 2008

Narnian at five months, after he quit being shy