Road's End Haflingers

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        Coming to the end of the road, tired and happy after a long drive, and the barn is just around the corner.

               Left to right: Molly (Narnian's and Aztec's mother), Narnian, Charming Rose, aka Quetzal (Aladdin's mother), Aladdin, me.

Quetzal is my driving and working horse (although she isn't always cooperative about bringing in firewood and manure) and Molly we bought as a brood mare, since Quetzal seems to have decided motherhood isn't for her any longer. Click "For the Elderly" to see Quetzal out driving.

As you can see, we are a very small operation, but we got hooked on Haflingers, and here we are. In our other life we are college teachers and writers, so horses don't always get the time they and we might like.  But they are happy and healthy, and like typical Haflingers, they help to keep us that way too.

We are located in central Kentucky.  We can be reached at 270-369-7886, evenings and weekends, or by email at

Pem and David Buck, 799 Port Wooden Rd, Upton KY 42784