Aladdin RE

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Sold (in North Carolina)


Gelding, born 7/5/05, 57 1/2 inches, $2300.

Aladdin is now driving nicely and he is green broke for riding. 


Aladdin is an Afghan III grandson through his sire and an Aristocrat great-grandson through his dam. 

I've been handling him from the moment his nose appeared at birth.


Out at pasture on a muddy winter day

  Aladdin has been developing wonderfully since I first posted him for sale on this website. I have been driving him for several months now since we brought him home from his initial training by Wil Slabaugh of Munfordville, Kentucky.  At the time we brought him home, his trainer said Aladdin has a "good mind" and should eventually make a child-safe horse--and he was clearly right.  I don't think he is quite child-safe yet, but he certainly will be, and the good mind is in evidence every time I work with him.  I have been driving him around our place, and on the country roads nearby.  He is fine with traffic, and passed the school bus test with his trainer. Although he is not a draft-type Haflinger, we have started pulling in light fire wood logs behind our Pioneer forecart --excellent training, and we need the firewood.  His trainer drove him double and single, and he is green-broke for riding.  He has not been ridden since we brought him back from training. He trailers easily and tolerates the fly spraying.  Aladdin is totally oriented toward people.  He is always the first in from pasture when I call, leaves the barn and other horses willingly.  He asks for attention, but is polite about it.  He'll make someone an excellent friend. 


We can be reached at 270-369-7886, evenings and weekends, or by email at

 Pem and David Buck, 799 Port Wooden Rd, Upton KY 42784