Argonaut RE


  Stud Colt Born 3/21/14      Argonaut at two weeks

$1800 at weaning

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Flying Baby Legs!  Two days old



Argonaut's grandfather is the gold classified stallion A Rock (there are very few gold classified Haflingers in the US!).  His sire is Armani KCH, a silver classified stallion at                                   Montel Haflinger  Stables.  You can see him by following this link:

(Due to my lack of tech-savvy, you'll need to navigate back to this page after seeing Armani)









Argonaut is a Michel of NTF great grandson through his dam, Molly RHRR.  You can see Molly by clicking on the button below. 


You can see Argonaut's half siblings that we have previously sold at the buttom below--all but Aladdin are Molly's foals

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I'll be updating this page as Argonaut grows.